Facebook’s Growing Role in Real Estate Marketing

Where do you think the future of Real Estate Marketing is going?

Ask Joel Burslem, writer for 1000 Watt Blog, a great real estate blog focusing on Real Estate Technology and Marketing, and you’ll get a response like the following:

“I don’t think any significant amount of advertising money is going to go to real estate media companies in the future.

I’m convinced most of it is going to go to Facebook.”

He makes a case for Facebook as the smartest choice for where to invest your marketing money now and increasingly in the future. He highlights 2 new startups, Flipt and Curaytor, and commends them for wisely directing real estate advertising to a place it’s easily already going, Facebook. “What good is a phone number or email address culled off a property search when you can target your message or take your product (i.e., listings) directly to the world’s largest database of potential customers? Add the ability to segment your advertising by geography, income range, age bracket, interest, housing status and dozens of other personal attributes and you’ve got a channel of unprecedented power,” He says, predicting the demise of websites like Zillow.

It’s a compelling argument when you consider that real estate professionals spend about $10 billion dollars a year in ads and marketing. How could those dollars be spent more productively by taking advantage of all that Facebook and other social media sites have to offer?

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