Title Escrow Officer, Purchase


Remote position in AZ or CA


Reporting directly to the Director of Operations, the Title Escrow Officer, Purchase, is responsible for the coordination of the purchase closings. Escrow Officers are in contact with real estate agents, lenders, buyers, sellers, and other title companies to accomplish the goal of closing.


Duties and responsibilities
  • – Respond to customer and client inquiries received via phone, fax, or emails in a timely fashion with a professional, courteous, pleasant, and personable manner.
  • – Review title binder for any outstanding deeds of trusts, judgments, liens and provide to other title company (when applicable) for review.
  • – Review contracts for all verbiage as to seller concessions, termite, home warranties, commissions, and other specifics. Update the file accordingly.
  • – Obtain payoff information, client information, reach out to obtain any payoffs from local utilities, HOA/Condo associations, or any parties needing to be paid off to close. Run bankruptcy & patriot searches on all current owners and borrowers. Order any surveys needed.
  • – Prepare deeds, judgment affidavits, continuous marriage, estate docs, trust docs, and any other documents needed for a particular file, while meeting state specific requirements.
  • – Collaborate with the lender and other title company to balance the figures on the CD or HUD1, which includes confirming the settlement statements show the correct figures including but not limited to: recording costs,  payoffs, settlement fees, taxes, storm water fees, commissions, transaction fees, home warranties, etc. All involved agents need to review and approve the settlement statements prior to closing as well.
  • – Schedule closings with the borrowers and if the closing is taking place out of the area, locate and assign a notary using SnapDocs.
  • – Confirm file is balanced and the wire amount given by the lender is correct; make sure all invoices match checks before providing to post-closing.
  • – Prepare closing packages (either by printing them or uploading them to the notary) for customer signature(s).
  • – Follow-up on receipt of all signed seller documents needed in order to disburse.
  • – Help post-closing with anything needed to record and disburse.
  • – If files are short and/or rejected, recover any monies owed and correct any additional problems that may arise after closing.
  • – Escrow Officers are to assist continued business growth by maintaining close relationships with all parties including but not limited to: agents, in office relationships, management, sales and overall personal growth.
  • – Other job related duties as necessary.